Learning something


I have been looking forward to Shimelle’s class and today is the day!
So without further ado….
My name is Jennifer Hackenholt Mont and today marks the start of Learn Something New 2013. This September, I am most excited for my life right now. Really loving it! Looking forward to fall and cooler days and for my second year at the same school… For some time to knit and some time to play. For cuddles an warm coffee and tea.Feeling good.

late, sunny, summer day

The weather today is astounding and beautiful. Low humidity and sun which led to a warm afternoon- oh so beautiful. I started school last week and had teacher workdays (read meeting days). The week flew by and now I am here on a Saturday evening knowing that I must be ready to hit the ground running on Monday. I am excited and nervous as usual and I would love a few more days  to get ready… as usual. But I will be ready and it will be great. That is all for now.

One paragraph


Inspired by Christina Rosalie’s One Paragraph a Day I thought…. why not….

My first thought was to start a whole new blog- You know so much has changed since I even visited this space, but then why give into that urge? It is the same urge that has me wasting pages of a blank journal simply so that I can start on a clean space, but there are no truly clean slates and why would I want to wipe it all away? What good would that do?

I am here. And I am here because I was there.

So enough with the clean slates and the starting fresh and the drama of all that goes along with that. Today I am writing one paragraph and that is more than enough.

Summer here is drawing to a close. It will feel warm for some time to come- it usually does, but almost as a warning there was a chill in the air today. Not cold- just enough to say hello. It is a Friday and my last free Friday of the summer. Next week I will go back to school and then the following week I will have a room full of students. A room with walls and a door this year!

The summer was slow and lazy and though fall often signals preparation for the hibernation of winter I am ready to get moving- both physically and mentally.

It’s oh so quiet….


I feel so quiet lately. In some ways that is truly wonderful,but I wonder what will become of this space… Do I keep it? Is this something that I can return to or is its time past. Do I need to find a new space?
I am still growing, moving forward…. But not sure what this will look like. Some more pondering I suppose.

I crawl under the covers during winters and storms- nature made or not- and I hide- and roll around in pity.  And this must – if I ever hope to get anywhere that I like-stop.

I have this week of space and time. Glorious, but also I want to parse out a small bud of a pattern that I can accomplish (maybe see or cherish is a better word) in the midst of everyday life.

So this is the charge for this week. Rediscover beauty– and make a place for it in the the chaos of the everyday.



“I do not accept drinks from gentlemen who disapprove of me” -Holly Golightly (Truman Copote)
A good rule over all… No? Willa to me looks like she would agree with this statement. She would never accept anything from anyone who disapproved of her, but then again who could possibly disapprove of her?
Certainly not I.

these are a few of my favorite things…

Spring is in the air… and even though the spring-like weather is gone for the time being- and even though my sinuses are hating the blooming blooms- I have really been enjoying the first tentative steps out of winter hibernation. It is good for me. Here are some of the things that have been helping me unearth from the depths of winter.

These gorgeous green glasses found via Erin from Design for Mankind.

This lovely post from Ms. Emily of Inside A Black Apple about some book treasures she found on a recent trip to Powell’s Book store.

The class Blogging for Scrapbookers from Shimelle which is inspiring me to write on my blog and take some pretty pictures. Her classes are always such a great creative pick-me-up.

Reading yummy posts from Boho Girl about her and her wonderful family.

Beautiful prints from Elise Blaha. Her words and pictures are always so lovely to peruse.

I hope that you are blooming as well and enjoying this precious time of year.

Part of the Process…

So I have moved my sandslippers and I am trying to figure out- in so many ways  in my life- what to do next. I feel a bit like this gorgeous willow tree that lives outside of my house. It is not growing at the moment… but it is quite full of life. It is simply resting for a bit.

In my view of nature that tree is taking inventory. Looking at the parts of itself that it likes. The parts that are firmly rooted in the ground and can me supported and nourished properly. It is also looking at what it must let go- so that it can thrive.

I feel quite a lot like this tree. I am quite alive, but at rest. I feel so very fortunate to have family and friends who comfort and support me during this process. And while it is winter and we huddle against the storms that pound at us- it is true that spring and growth will come again. It is all part of the process.