Thirteen Things About Me

1. green and blue are my favorite colors
2. I like to knit and I just finished my first sweater
3. I used to depise the color pink, but I have recently become obsessed with it.
4. I have a black cat named Oscar. He is my cat in shining armor.
5. There are 2 dogs and 1 cat in addition to Oscar in my clan. Their names are Ursa, Gibson, and Flannery.
6. I will celebrate my 5th wedding anniversary this summer.
7. Animals make me alarmingly happy. (Note: I giggle when passing moo cows while traveling.)
8. I love the ocean.
9. I hate brussel sprouts.
10. e.e. cummings, Ann Sexton, and Charles Bukowski are my favorite poets
11. Jeanette Winterson is one of my favorite authors.
12. I like to sing with reckless abandon in my car
13. While 3 is the Magic Number- 13 is my lucky number.

2 thoughts on “Thirteen Things About Me

  1. that was adrienne that made that comment by the way, i forgot to put my name in the name space. you people and your fancy blogs

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