13 lines from songs that I love ….

Thirteen Lines from Songs I Love By Jen
1. “What does it mean to wake out of a dream and be wearing someone else’s shorts?”
-Barenaked Ladies
2. “It’s not important to be defined. It’s only important to use your time well. Well, time something
nobody can buy, nobody can sell you and don’t let anyone tell you they have the advantage.”
-Ani Difranco-
3. “Lonely is a word that I have left like all of you. When I’m feeling lonely kiss myself- that’s what I do.”
-Danielle Howle
4. “Got enough guilt to start my own religion.”
-Tori Amos
5. “With their nine inch nails and little facist panties tucked inside the heart of every nice girl.”
-Tori Amos
6. “Take my picture from the wall. No you don’t want to leave a trace. Less you think of what’ve you
done- the easier it gets to face.”
-Hans Kristian Hackenholt
7. She’s a real left winger cause she been down south and held peasants in her arms. She said
“I could tell you a story tell you a story that would make you cry…”
-The Pixies
8. “If I ever write this letter- the truth it would reveal. Knowing you brought me pleasure- How I ‘ll
often treasure the moments we knew– the precious, the few.”
-Natalie Merchant
9. “Thanks for the trouble you took– from her eyes– I thought it was there for good, so I never
-Leonard Cohen
10. “Cause the piano has been drinking. The piano has been drinking. The piano has been drinking.
–Not me.”
Tom Wait
11. “And after a while he calms down and he looks at me like a prince, but you know I better bite the
bullet casue its just another one of his Jedi mind tricks.”
12. I learn my name. I write with a number 2 pencil. I work up to my potential. I earn my meat.
-Liz Phair
13. “And I am sorry, but I am not a maiden fair. Isn’t there a kitten- stuck up tree somewhere?”
-Ani Difranco

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