So I wake up this morning to this wonderful light. The sun is coming in through the windows and the sky is this perfect light blue. A cool breeze was flowing through the house… and I just thought -wow- how lucky am I to wake up to this, I don’t know how else to say it, perfection. Though I was up early this morning letting puppy dogs in and out and in and out I went back to bed and slept till a glorious 9:30. It t’was wondermous.

It is times like this that speak to me and say- Yes, you are where you need to be right now and that is so very wonderful.

With that wonderful beginning I have spent my day enjoying small, peaceful steps. This morning after coffee and a wonderful breakfast fixed by Jon I spent some time cleaning the house. Then I went out in the yard for a bit and played- with weeds and seeds and the sun. Overall, simply wonderful. A nice juxtaposition to the week that was at times stressful and a bit hopeless feeling.

So I breath and enjoy this glorious day and worry I do not.


If more people were screaming then I could relax, but a good brain ain’t didly if you don’t have the facts.
-Ani Difranco-

Sometimes I think that you can just move about your days looking here and there and never even realize what is going on, but then there are other days when you see. When you see you have to ask yourself, I think, how it was possible for you to notice what is right in front of your eyes. How can you not be screaming? How can you not have questions and demands pouring from your lips like lava or venom? How can you sit there in dumb amusement with drool hanging off of your chin- as though this world were a t.v. show put in front of you for amusement…

“Oh that … don’t worry about that, it’s not really happening, I mean it couldn’t really be happening… could it?” ….Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain- its all going to be ok- Take your soma and be a happy,good little robot.

But it is real and it is happening… and more people are not screaming, but they need to be. They need to be.

Thirteen Careers I have Seriously Considered Throughout My Life

Thirteen Careers I have Seriously Considered Jen

1. Garbage Truck Driver- My first career choice at age two when through my mother I realized that
yes… girls could be garbage truck drivers 🙂
2. Vet- Until I realized that the soft fuzzy wonderful cuteness could go and die on you
3. Journalist- Upon reading The Bell Jar I decided working for a magazine would
be wonderful. The fact that she tries to kill herself did not deter me at the time.
4. Singer- DeeDee RoxieRox was my stage name and let me tell you I kicked much ass!
5. Starving Artist- It just doesn’t have the same ring to be a well fed artist.
6. Boutique Owner- so I would have a good reason to own as many shoes and bags as I pleased.
It would in fact be part of doing a good job. How cool is that.
7. Teacher Lady- You know, change the world and all that….
8. Actor (at first starving, but astondingly famous and rich soon there after)
9. Kept Woman- Need I say more… in reality not appealing at all really, but it looks lovely
on paper.
10. Homemaker- as a child of the 70’s I thought for the longest time this choice was the same
as number 9, but in fact no- No its not.
11. Goddess- great hours, amazing benefits… but can be a bit demanding at times
12. Nothing- At many points along this road I wanted to just be and not have to decide…..
….until I realized #13 as an option
13. Kick ass, Wonderful Woman!- You know… I don’t need a job description. Amazing revalation,
I know, but… in fact No, No I don’t 🙂

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