Thirteen Careers I have Seriously Considered Throughout My Life

Thirteen Careers I have Seriously Considered Jen

1. Garbage Truck Driver- My first career choice at age two when through my mother I realized that
yes… girls could be garbage truck drivers πŸ™‚
2. Vet- Until I realized that the soft fuzzy wonderful cuteness could go and die on you
3. Journalist- Upon reading The Bell Jar I decided working for a magazine would
be wonderful. The fact that she tries to kill herself did not deter me at the time.
4. Singer- DeeDee RoxieRox was my stage name and let me tell you I kicked much ass!
5. Starving Artist- It just doesn’t have the same ring to be a well fed artist.
6. Boutique Owner- so I would have a good reason to own as many shoes and bags as I pleased.
It would in fact be part of doing a good job. How cool is that.
7. Teacher Lady- You know, change the world and all that….
8. Actor (at first starving, but astondingly famous and rich soon there after)
9. Kept Woman- Need I say more… in reality not appealing at all really, but it looks lovely
on paper.
10. Homemaker- as a child of the 70’s I thought for the longest time this choice was the same
as number 9, but in fact no- No its not.
11. Goddess- great hours, amazing benefits… but can be a bit demanding at times
12. Nothing- At many points along this road I wanted to just be and not have to decide…..
….until I realized #13 as an option
13. Kick ass, Wonderful Woman!- You know… I don’t need a job description. Amazing revalation,
I know, but… in fact No, No I don’t πŸ™‚

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