If more people were screaming then I could relax, but a good brain ain’t didly if you don’t have the facts.
-Ani Difranco-

Sometimes I think that you can just move about your days looking here and there and never even realize what is going on, but then there are other days when you see. When you see you have to ask yourself, I think, how it was possible for you to notice what is right in front of your eyes. How can you not be screaming? How can you not have questions and demands pouring from your lips like lava or venom? How can you sit there in dumb amusement with drool hanging off of your chin- as though this world were a t.v. show put in front of you for amusement…

“Oh that … don’t worry about that, it’s not really happening, I mean it couldn’t really be happening… could it?” ….Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain- its all going to be ok- Take your soma and be a happy,good little robot.

But it is real and it is happening… and more people are not screaming, but they need to be. They need to be.

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