So I wake up this morning to this wonderful light. The sun is coming in through the windows and the sky is this perfect light blue. A cool breeze was flowing through the house… and I just thought -wow- how lucky am I to wake up to this, I don’t know how else to say it, perfection. Though I was up early this morning letting puppy dogs in and out and in and out I went back to bed and slept till a glorious 9:30. It t’was wondermous.

It is times like this that speak to me and say- Yes, you are where you need to be right now and that is so very wonderful.

With that wonderful beginning I have spent my day enjoying small, peaceful steps. This morning after coffee and a wonderful breakfast fixed by Jon I spent some time cleaning the house. Then I went out in the yard for a bit and played- with weeds and seeds and the sun. Overall, simply wonderful. A nice juxtaposition to the week that was at times stressful and a bit hopeless feeling.

So I breath and enjoy this glorious day and worry I do not.

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