GB Sweater Closeup
I started this week off in a fairly terrible mood. I was hoping desperately for a snow day and I wanted nothing to do with school… It felt very blah, but it got better. Each day this week it got a little better.

Some highlights of the week include gorgeous, fluffy snow falling from sky on several occasions. It was not enough for a snow day, but I had forgotten how beautiful it is when it snows… and on several magical occasions this week I got to just watch. All of my students were so happy about the snow as well- We had snowball fights abound and a general wonder while looking out the window as it fell. Watching that did wonders for my crappy mood.

Jon was oh so sweet this week- coming to my rescue on several occasions. He knows me so well and can navigate my ups and downs better than me sometimes… and for that I am incredibly grateful.

I manged to paint and play this week… and I managed to *finally* finish the brown and green sweater that I had been working on for 300 million years…. I also finished a shawl that I had been working on for quite a bit. All of that made me quite happy. I even worked some on my never ending socks… that look more like socks each day… we shall see if they ever do turn into proper socks.
So this morning the sky is a pale blue… it looks like it will be cold, but not too cold and I am feeling good. Jon and I have talked about wandering around a bit this weekend. I think we are headed towards East London to play… we shall see.

Small Pine Cones…

Small Pine cones

I was enchanted with these pines cones when I saw them on a walk through the Chafford Hundred Gorge recently. Perhaps it is my general love of things cute… and these truly look like baby pine cones. I decided to paint them… and so I have.

Life Stories….

life storiesmorning collage
I am getting somewhere now, I’m feeling lighter. I’m coming unstuck from scrapbooks, from albums, from diaries and journals, from space, from time. Only a paragraph left, only a sentence or two, only a whisper.
I was born.
I was.

“Life Stories”- The Tent
By Margaret Atwood

I have something to confess…


Thanks to Shimelle I completed the wonderful I Have Something to Confess project this weekend. I am so excited to have finished this project. I am about to have my celebratory cup of tea, but I thought that I would share my project first.

Confess Page 1Book I decided to paint watercolor paper for my pages. I really like the way they all turned out. It let me be a bit more flexible with the colors I used. This is the cover of my book and my front page.


My first confession is that I love a good story. My only problem is that sometimes I like it so much that I rush to finish the story… so I know what happens… then I have to read it again to what what I missed.


My next confessions is that I adore Ms. Audrey Hepburn. My love affair began when I first saw Breakfast at Tiffany’ … ahh- the mean reds and darling fred


I read horoscopes… not only do I read them, but sometimes I even pay attention to their advice. It amuses me…


Another guilty pleasure is my addiction to looking at Vogue magazine. I say looking at because I really don’t read much … I don’t buy it for the articles… I buy it for the eye candy…


This confession makes me feel a bit silly… but I still harbour dreams of being a ballerina. I know it won’t happen, but when I see ballet I secretly dream of being up there on the stage. There is something magic about the ballet to me… it is so beautiful…


I confess- I do have an addiction to shoes. All shoes really… there is simply no such thing as enough. If I had unlimited funds I think that my shoe collection would be quite ridiculous… not that it isn’t now… but…


I save everything… even after clearing through massive amounts of stuff for our move I still have quite a lot. Postcards of all sorts, love letters from the 7th grade, doodles from friends… all sorts of things. The above postcard is one of those things. I think I have had that one for about… 15 years…

art school
My final confession is that sometimes I dream of going to art school… I don’t know what for particularly, but I think it would be quite lovely. I took the above photos at the Savannah College of Art and Design… also many years ago in a workshop that I got to take at that school.

What fun- I really enjoyed making this book. When I first started I was not sure what I wanted to confess, but once I got started I just kept thinking of things… Thank you Shimelle for the gift class- So MUCH fun. Now for my celebratory cup of tea. Yeah 🙂

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Come On Pilgrim
When I began my Christmas Journal I really wasn’t sure what to expect. Would I finish it… would I abandon it… but I decided to give it a try and see what happened. All I can say now is – Wow! What an experience! It truly changed my holiday season in a beautiful way.

I truly meant to share my journal throughout the class, but for one reason or another I felt very much like hibernating this holiday season and so I did. I am so happy that I completed my journal.

Thank you- Shimelle for this wonderful experience (and for my wonderful Come on Pilgrim christmas present… could something be more perfect…I think not)!

Finished Journal To see more wonderful Christmas Journals take a look at writtendown.com . What a wonderful holiday season and what a wonderful start to the new year.


I adore new beginnings.So, for me,a New Year is always a chance begin anew. It is a time to reflect and look forward. A chance to celebrate triumphs and search deeply for what might be next.

So much changed in my life in 2006. Most noticeably we moved to Essex, but so much truly transpired. Simplification, selling our home, finding the furry members of our family new homes… all complete changes in our day to day life. Art has come back into my life- after a long time spent ignoring it. I have completed paintings and journals and begun to draw again. I have learned so much. Jon and I have made many of our dreams come to pass this year… giving me a new found confidence in my ability to make a reality out of the rambles in my head.

In 2007 I hope to continue the process of growth. Enjoying all the steps along the way… whatever they may bring.

I am thankful for the chance to do so.