GB Sweater Closeup
I started this week off in a fairly terrible mood. I was hoping desperately for a snow day and I wanted nothing to do with school… It felt very blah, but it got better. Each day this week it got a little better.

Some highlights of the week include gorgeous, fluffy snow falling from sky on several occasions. It was not enough for a snow day, but I had forgotten how beautiful it is when it snows… and on several magical occasions this week I got to just watch. All of my students were so happy about the snow as well- We had snowball fights abound and a general wonder while looking out the window as it fell. Watching that did wonders for my crappy mood.

Jon was oh so sweet this week- coming to my rescue on several occasions. He knows me so well and can navigate my ups and downs better than me sometimes… and for that I am incredibly grateful.

I manged to paint and play this week… and I managed to *finally* finish the brown and green sweater that I had been working on for 300 million years…. I also finished a shawl that I had been working on for quite a bit. All of that made me quite happy. I even worked some on my never ending socks… that look more like socks each day… we shall see if they ever do turn into proper socks.
So this morning the sky is a pale blue… it looks like it will be cold, but not too cold and I am feeling good. Jon and I have talked about wandering around a bit this weekend. I think we are headed towards East London to play… we shall see.

One thought on “Leaping

  1. Hi Jenny!
    It was cold here too – but tomorrow the forecast is for 65 degrees-yea!
    I hoping your week is going well today.
    I miss you, but am glad you have this opportunity to experience something different.

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