The ever enchanting sand slipper

Glass Slippers for the Cause- 1998
I came to you neatly packaged…
wrapped — trapped all boxed up
Green Ribbon to Garnish all of my
un—well put together
Pumped full of happy endings
and a sparkle in my eye
Dreaming of the Educational Wonderland
I was about to enter
where learning would be the very glass
of my slipper that would guide me into the
Perfect Dream you sell so well—
you taught me the glass was only sand
put together in a cruel enough fashion
to cut my feet– liberated– I’d prefer to
go Barefoot — I’d prefer to go naked ——
all you offer me — Is the Emperor’s New Clothes
which look really appealing on paper But is revealed
to physically mean Nothing— The Emperor’s New Degree
and to accompany this beautiful ensemble
we have some lovely slippers But watch your step
They’re sharp in places.

I ripped myself open–only to watch myself fall out
onto the street My Morality my un–well put together thoughts
Falling onto the Pavement Slipping into
the Gutter– Where we all are — Or so says Oscar
But I lost sight of the stars—-
Deciphering you Brand of Understanding and Intellect–
It means nothing to me– But you’ll only look at
the paper it’s Printed on — Sending me out to teach
your lies– Selling more Glass Slippers for the Cause
One Size Fits– All– Cinderella and Her Sisters
would disagree with that— But don’t use logic here
It won’t fit– But that shoe will Just keep trying honey
and pay no attention to the man Behind
the Curtain
Everything is all right
and you’ll get that shoe to fit

Glass Slippers for the Cause- 2003
wrapped—trapped and all boxed up
for you – again
I get here only to realize
I—am—that’s it- me
I am selling fucking glass slippers
for the cause
They don’t fit you either—well
Damn honey try harder- it’s on my agenda today
and it happens to be a standard…
Whose standards am I pimping anyway?
My own seem to have been tossed out –
wrapped trapped
and boxed on their way out the door
I wanted it to be different
but we are just shoving people into different shoes
they are still made of glass
they still cut the feet
you are still better off barefoot
So I prepare to dismount my tan horse
for even I can’t walk in these shoes
and I stand on the side of the road
thumb in air
I am done with my emperor’s degree
I am done with sand slippers
I am done and crispy about the edges
I can’t sell shoes anymore
I can’t sell what I never
believed in to start with
I am done with your glass slippers
and I am done with your cause


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