Home is… ?


I have been pondering the meaning of home lately. What does it mean to be at home or go home? Where is home when I have family in Raleigh, North Carolina- Beaufort, South Carolina- Leesburg, Georgia- Berlin, Germany- Hamburg, Germany- and Bekum, Germany— I also have adopted family in Boone, North Carolina- North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina- Brooklyn,New York (to name a few). I was born in North Myrtle Beach. I grew up all over North and South Carolina and I live in Essex, UK.
Where is home in all of this?

For a majority of my 20’s I have worked toward the idea of Becoming the Woman I Want to Call Home in this thought process it is me that is home and I suppose I travel or dream of traveling as a snail does with all of my belongings close to me, but belongings don’t make up home anymore than one local makes you at home.

I imagine a simplier time in the world when you belonged to one locale with family and friends all in one place, but this is a false version of reality. People have always wandered aroung looking for {fill in the blank… food, fufillment, mates, work, warmer or colder weather, something, anything}. It is simply easier or faster to stay in touch with many people now… so does that allow you the time to miss them… and what does that have to do with home? Much perhaps, but I am not sure at this point.

Home is where the heart is. Home is where you hang you hat. Home is your location. Home is where you were born…. where your children were born. Home is where most immediate family is…

It is something that is evolving in my head at the moment. I want to be at home… I know this, but I am not sure where that home is…

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