Still Learning…


4th September- Today I learned…. I feel stumped today. Today I learned how to help put in a window. Today I learned that even knitting isn’t as fun when it becomes a job. Must not let things becomes a job.

5th September- Lesson learned: One card is not enough for someone turning 30. My mom decided that one card would not do… So she mailed a bunch to me- and she says that I will get the last one on my birthday. Woohoo.

I love the card on this page. It says “If 50 is the new 30, then 30 must be the new 10. So… up for a game of dodge ball and a juice box.”

My answer is yes.

6 sept

6 September: Lesson of Today: Life is best as an Unplanned Adventure.

3 September 2007


Today I learned that Jon, my husband, can cook dinner (smoked pork) and frame a bathroom all in one day.

I also learned that I can knit a sweater in 14 days! Exactly 2 weeks… though I am not certain how often I want to try that — Maybe never- Who knows?

So there.

Nothing fancy today… as today did not feel fancy to me. My journaling was as follows…..
Today I learned that an Intensive Search means that they will go through all of your stuff before they decide if you can have it back… oh and did I mention that you get to pay extra for this grand affair. WooHoo.
I also learned today that I don’t like setting in sleeves- at all (full stop). At least not on a deadline- Oh, and I remembered that I don’t like working to deadlines.

So all in all though I seemed to accomplish NOTHING the day seemed quite full and I am done.

Learn Something New Everyday

Learn Something New Title Page

Today I start school … or a class at least. This class is Learn Something New Everyday with Shimelle. I am so excited. I have decided that instead of starting a new book for this class that I would use my Moleskine journal that I just started. It seemed fitting to me and I think that I will have fun with this. I am also hoping that putting it in my everyday journalĀ  will help me continue with the idea even when the class is finished.

Well, this is my cover page. Learn Something New Everyday. A journal – or part of a journal to remind me that even though I turn thirty in 8 days or I guess 7 days… that I still need to make time to play each day.