Our New Home

We have been deep in the midst of nesting in our new home. It seems like a very appropriate thing to do this time of year- nestle in and make a space. It has been lovely and I am learning a lot from the process.

Aside from the fact that this has been the year of the surreal- it has also been a year marked with learning. The pleasant part of this is in the contrast to other times in my life where I have learned a lot- this learning has not come at a high price. The year has been a calm and comforting teacher saying things like… “Well, have you thought about it this way..” instead of toppling me over and for this I am thankful.
As we approach Winter Solstice and the end of this year I begin to look back on all that has passed and also I am looking forward to the road that lies ahead.
So, we are nesting and I am doing lovely things with my time like cooking yummy soup and sitting around and staring at large oak trees in the sun, sipping large mugs of tea and cocoa, and just generally enjoying this time- for there is, I am sure, I lesson to be learned in that as well.

Happy Winter Solstice to you and yours.

One thought on “Nesting

  1. I love your comments and thoughts about nesting, for some reason it just resonates with me today. Maybe because I am between two homes, living in two places – working away from home. I’m wondering how the year was surreal? Just curious.

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