Let them make tea…

what are you making

Jon and I are both participating in Thing a Day for the month of February. On the eve of this we are both trying to figure out what we are going to make each day. I have decided to make tea- at least while I am thinking about it.
I so often feel like making something or writing something, but I am caught with this huge feeling of- but what (imagine in a very whiny voice- the more annoying the better- this voice is not pleasant). So today I decided that when I am feeling this way- I will make a cup of tea. I will make something. Realizing that I make stuff all the time- tea, the bed, words put together in ways that I like, yummy food, pretty pictures with paint and paper. I make a lot of stuff. Truly.

Now to some other things that I am excited about- like Shimelle’s Journal exercises for every day in February. How wonderful is that and another great answer to the “but whats.” Then there is this lovely new Inspiration Zine that also looks to be quite wondermous as well.

All of this loveliness swirling around me and helping me deal with my dreaded affliction. I am all excited about the month of February for so many reasons now… and that is truly wonderful- for February has not often been a month that I have looked upon fondly. So cheers for February and lovely people and projects that help with the “but whats.”


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