Saying my name outloud


Well, I have decided to take the plunge and put some of my artwork for sell on Etsy. It is a scary step for me, but one I have been trying to get the nerve up to do for quite some time. You see- I keep making things and I only have so much space for such things, but I want to keep making stuff and so it goes and we shall see. To start with I have put up a few paintings, some collage work and a journal that I made. I would love to hear what you think- as all of this is quite new and scary to me.

2 thoughts on “Saying my name outloud

  1. I think your artwork is very nice, and inspiring. I love collages! I hope you get a lot of visitors, and I would think that folks who frequent 3191 or port2port would love these things.

    I just published my “blog” and am feeling like that’s pretty scary, so I think I understand. It seems like more pressure than before!

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