Playing and such

I have been having much of the fun lately playing with thread and paint and paper. I decided to share a bit of it with you. To that end you can now find a few new creations in my little shop. Stop by and let me know what you think.

Have a lovely Monday and don’t forget to play.

A Study of Doors in My Life

One of the prompts for the “There’s No Place Like Home” Class deals with doors in our lives. It gives you an opportunity to think about all of the doors in your life. This could be friends and family or daily routine doors… the possibilities are endless… but I choose none of these because I happen to have moved recently to a piece of property that has about 14 doors on it… and I thought, “When is something like that ever going to happen again?” So, I decided to document the doors of this place that have just come into our lives…..

Book Cover

under our flat

front door

move in

I had a lot of fun with this album. It got me thinking and I like how it turned out. You will notice that I went a bit crazy (though totally not in a bad way) with some new stamps that I have. They happened to be designed by Shimelle Laine, our lovely instructor for this class. They are called Greenwhich Park and available at
Banana Frog
– and they are WONDERFUL! If you want to see the rest of the album you can find it over at my Flickr account.
I am in love with this album- I think I have to go stare at it some more. Have a lovely Sunday evening.

Home is…

home is…

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Already having fun with Shimelle’s class. This prompt gave me a chance to look at what home means to me… which is something that I am quite fond of exploring. I decided that for me home is where the people I love are {wow… that is a lot of places}. The photo I used for this page is a picture of Jon and I as we are leaving one hometown, Boone, NC for another in North Myrtle Beach, SC. Pretty much from that point on we have taken the idea of home with us. We have done a lot of wandering and a lot of settling and nesting but we keep coming back to the idea that home is something we take with and not really a place that we are.

Sunday Supplies

Yesterday I celebrated my Easter Sunday quite simply- by getting outside and enjoying the wonder of Spring in my new home. I started by gathering some supplies: water, my iPod, some poetry by Rainer Maria Rilke and a lovely bag from a wondermous friend to hold it all in. Then I went to my hammock which is nestled in the pecan grove next to our home. I had such a lovely time- reading poetry, listening to music both from my iPod and from the lovely birds all around and generally soaking in the goodness all around me.
It takes days like this for me to realize how wonderful it all is. This is simple stuff, but it is what makes the world a beautiful place to be in. I find that I can easily forget this at times. One can get so wrapped up in blah- that it is easily forgotten that the cliche about the best things in life being free is quite true.

"There's No Place Like Home"


I am so very, very excited.  Tomorrow Shimelle’s class “There’s No Place Like Home Class” starts and I can barely wait. I have been taking classes by Shimelle for quite some time and yet they always amaze me and I am always filled with giddy excitement just before they begin. Inspiring, fun, playful, full of possibilities,growth inspiring- just, wow.

There is still time to sign up– if you have not already- it is sure to be much of the fun.

… and for today –

may your peeps be plentiful and may a warm spring sun wash over you. enjoy.


More playing. I am really having fun with the paper sewing technique that I learned from Shimelle. This is the first time that I have done anything like this. This creation (i can’t really call it a painting) is completely mixed media. It incorporates- sewing, painting, collage, stamping, ink drawing and some words thrown in for fun. This piece was complete play. I had so much fun making it.
The text reads- You must leap to know how far you will fly.

P.S.  Shimelle, do you recognize any of these supplies… 🙂

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Meet Bertrand

bertrand and the colar

Meet Bertrand. He is the first four legged friend to join us in quite some time. Unfortunately, right when we got Bertrand he had to have surgery- so quite unhappily he has been having to wear an Elizabethan Collar- which makes him less than pleased. Other than that he seems quite happy with his new surroundings.
Because he is in recovery he was not quite ready for a photo opportunity- so I created this collage as an homage to our new friend and his trials and tribulations with the aforementioned collar.

Dreaming of Paris

paris in spring

Today is not a day for the mundane, but alas– here the mundane surrounds me. Laundry to be done, dishes to wash, cats to medicate….
Today I should have woken up in a luxury suite in Paris. A light knocking at the door would rouse me around eleven with the news that my breakfast of cafe creme and croissants had arrived. A man, very much like my husband, but with a I’m in Paris spring in his step would later walk in the door- with the morning paper and some fresh flowers. He would find me lounging on the veranda sipping my cafe and slowly twisting apart a croissant. He would then inform me that he had secured tickets for some fabulous matinée this afternoon and that dinner tonight was a surprise, but one that I would adore.
Yes, this is what my day should be like today.
So, I suppose my charge today is to find a way to step out of the mundane and into a day of beauty that I am craving. How do you step out of the mundane?

Unabashedly Girly

Colouring my hair is a secret vice of mine- not that I think that it is bad for me, but because it is a sure thing that I can do to get a little lift. I can go to the store pick out something… saucey- or spunky- maybe sweet- but something- then I can go home lather it on and wait- for my look to change just a bit or maybe even quite a bit. Don’t worry I don’t go blond or anything there are some things best left to the professionals… ok many things- but I digress… It is a little something that I can do that is fun and harmless- unless you try to go blond (can you tell that  I have screwed this one up before?).

A little something- that was what I was looking for today- something to put a little spring in my step- so I sit here marienating and having fun playing- who knows maybe I’ll paint my toe nails next. Truly fun.  Truly silly.