Squee! Inspiration Abounds!

Erin at Design for Mankind has done it again and published an absolutely wonderful Inspiration Zine. This is the fourth one and it is amazing. The images in this one are breathtaking- and it really challenges you to look for inspiration in a wide variety of places. You can get a copy of it for free on her site or look at it online. Wow! It is wondermous.

Design for Mankind Inspiration Zine

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"Sense"-ational Sunday

Every Sunday Emily records her senses from the week and now so do I.

I see: Stuff growing which makes all the gardening work seem worth it. Blue skies, wonderful goodies from Luxe in my mail box. Lots of stuff through the lens of my camera thanks to Shimelle’s Scrap Your Day Project.

lime set

I touch: dirt, dirt and more dirt. This gardening thing is a crazy amount of work… I suppose I was kinda hoping we just threw out some seeds and hoped for the best, but this is not the case.

till till away

I taste: bratwurst on the grill… yum. PG Tips Tea. Marzipan… it has been a very tasty week.

mmm tea

I smell: mint from the garden and lemon balm- both smell divine.

I hear: Phish… I have been listening to them a lot this week- mixed in with some Radiohead In Rainbows…. I am in love with that album….

in rainbows

"Man Writes Poem"

I found this today on Moleskinerie and I must say that I am in love with this poem- I think it is wondermous.

“Man Writes Poem,” by Jay Leeming

This just in a man has begun writing a poem
in a small room in Brooklyn. His curtains
are apparently blowing in the breeze. We go now
to our man Harry on the scene, what’s

the story down there Harry? “Well Chuck
he has begun the second stanza and seems
to be doing fine, he’s using a blue pen, most
poets these days use blue or black ink so blue

is a fine choice. His curtains are indeed blowing
in a breeze of some kind and what’s more his radiator
is ‘whistling’ somewhat. No metaphors have been written yet,
but I’m sure he’s rummaging around down there

in the tin cans of his soul and will turn up something
for us soon. Hang on—just breaking news here Chuck,
there are ‘birds singing’ outside his window, and a car
with a bad muffler has just gone by. Yes … definitely

a confirmation on the singing birds.” Excuse me Harry
but the poem seems to be taking on a very auditory quality
at this point wouldn’t you say? “Yes Chuck, you’re right,
but after years of experience I would hesitate to predict

exactly where this poem is going to go. Why I remember
being on the scene with Frost in ’47, and with Stevens in ’53,
and if there’s one thing about poems these days it’s that
hang on, something’s happening here, he’s just compared the curtains

to his mother, and he’s described the radiator as ‘Roaring deep
with the red walrus of History.’ Now that’s a key line,
especially appearing here, somewhat late in the poem,
when all of the similes are about to go home. In fact he seems

a bit knocked out with the effort of writing that line,
and who wouldn’t be? Looks like … yes, he’s put down his pen
and has gone to brush his teeth. Back to you Chuck.” Well
thanks Harry. Wow, the life of the artist. That’s it for now,

but we’ll keep you informed of more details as they arise

Visit his website

more trips down the lane

White Horse Theory III- 1997

and i don’t need your tan horse to save soul
my weak little fainting damsel of a me
and I don’t care what color you are wonder boy
personally i like green
I have my own castle of sorts
and I was sleeping just fine
I was
and I don’t want your horse at all
I’ve got two feet— they work
and if you are going my way
we could walk together
you could visit
But I don’t need the fancy entourage
of princely gifts o’ crap
Its a lovely day for a walk in the rain
you need nothing but a you
to save your soul I will take care of mine
and if you care I seem to have lost my slipper
so we could go for a walk
barefoot in the rain…

Looking Back at my White Horse Theory

White Horse Theory II- 1997

so here I am
just here among other places
waiting for that guy
on the white horse to
liberate me from
women’s lib by being
chivalrous or was that
sexually harassing
well it depends if he
comes bearing gifts
says the girl on the left
Brain pumped full of happy ending
and why always a Prince
Ah… the money, jewels, white horses
gifts one must be rich for happy endings
well liberate me further
come to me on foot bearing your heart
that could be chivalrous and non-harrasing
well it depends on how you look at me
and then the weather
lets make it depend on the weather
Could it Be Simply a Weather Issue?
Oh dear… complications
and where are the opportunities?
asleep in the forest, behind castle walls,
lost in cinders
and what about that damn horse
what if it is tan
what if the shoe does not fit
Obliterate me further
liberate me further

Syndicated Copy written Happy Endings
Blue Light Specials on sand slippers
and me
sitting here among other places

I will find my happy ending
But not here