Learning Early

Learning Early- 1998

She’s learning her mode of transportation early
in the playground
riding around on a broom.
They’ll curse you for this later.
She’s got no idea.

But in this part of the story she
plays not the fairy princess
she plays not the winch in rags
turned to riches
Why sleep when one could be building
a house made of sugar
to taunt the Unsuspecting
Charmings into the sugar coated ginger bread door

Learn early honey Perfect the Broom
and take to the sky
you’ll never hear the curses
From so High above Riding your broom
and your spell of Indifference
draped across your back
Don’t Forget the Spell
to keep you from melting in Rain
and write me when you
Get onto your pedestal
we’ll do lunch
while the masses scream below.

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