Looking Back at my White Horse Theory

White Horse Theory II- 1997

so here I am
just here among other places
waiting for that guy
on the white horse to
liberate me from
women’s lib by being
chivalrous or was that
sexually harassing
well it depends if he
comes bearing gifts
says the girl on the left
Brain pumped full of happy ending
and why always a Prince
Ah… the money, jewels, white horses
gifts one must be rich for happy endings
well liberate me further
come to me on foot bearing your heart
that could be chivalrous and non-harrasing
well it depends on how you look at me
and then the weather
lets make it depend on the weather
Could it Be Simply a Weather Issue?
Oh dear… complications
and where are the opportunities?
asleep in the forest, behind castle walls,
lost in cinders
and what about that damn horse
what if it is tan
what if the shoe does not fit
Obliterate me further
liberate me further

Syndicated Copy written Happy Endings
Blue Light Specials on sand slippers
and me
sitting here among other places

I will find my happy ending
But not here

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