tilt a whirl


“The voice said take off both your shoes, whatever chances you get, especially when their wet…” regina, regina spektor

I like to look at things from odd angles. I remember being mesmerized by the idea of this girl in a book I once read who laid in the back of her parents station wagon during long trips looking at the world up-side-down… when she drew the world came out this way as well.
Sometimes a different angle is all that is required to understand something better and then again sometimes it can throw everything into a whirl of frantic… but that can be useful too.
All this to say that things are shifting in my universe- as they always are I suppose- How is it shifting? Well, I am not really sure yet, but I feel it. Maybe it is the introduction of summer heat that wills one to shed everything that is not necessary…. Whatever it is, right now, it feels good.
Whatever it is- it feels good.

"Sense-sational Sunday"


I see: the ocean, herbs growing, my mom.


I hear: waves crashing, Jon and I discussing the future

I smell: salt water, roses, freshly broken trees bowled over in a tornado in Darien , GA


I taste: seafood- lots of seafood, peach pie-made by Jon and I, blueberry pie- made by Mom.

I touch- sand, a soft kitten upon returning home.


This week I have felt many number of things…. restless, calm, ready, excited, awe- there seems to be a lot going on in my brain these days- I suppose because I have a lot of time to pay attention to what I am thinking and feeling at any given moment.

It was a wonderful week. We went to visit my Mom and Step-Dad and had a wonderful time. We decided to take our time on the drive back and meandered down the coast- stopping at Savannah, Darien and Jeckyll Island. Twas a wonderful little vacation.

I hope that your week was wonderful as well.

Sense-ational Sunday

chess tires willa

i see: Willa sleeping. bunnies hopping. plants growing.


i taste: boston baked beans and steamed brown bread

i touch: weeds that i have pulled out of our garden

i hear: karma police, idiotech and 15 steps have been running like a sound track through my head all week.

i smell: meyer lemon blossoms… yummy.


i feel: (stealing from ani 🙂 useful, crafty, restless, in progress…

learning to trust poetry again

it is not screaming beneath my skin
it squirms
the voice muffled
i catch myself asking
what was that
but nothing
and then more squirming
when i was younger
it would have spewed poetry
but she doesn’t trust that
as a mode of communication anymore
just something pretty that other people do
poetry can make a mask
for the things you want to
voice but don’t have the
courage-heart-balls-eggs- for
but still she squirms
in muffled silence
what do you want

but nothing

"Sense-ational" Sundays


i see: paper and paint… i have been playing a lot this week. the words of hermann hesse- i have been sipping from his book wandering and it has been lovely. it is not a book to be read too quickly though it must be savored slowly


i hear: npr news, all things considered, fresh air and mid-day music. i soaked up npr this week and it was lovely.

i taste: margaritas and lovely mexican food-we went out for a mexican feast on thursday and it was fabulous. yum.  i also taste a lovely tomato sauce i made this week that was great on pizza and will be great and pasta- it turned out lovely- i am really getting into this cooking thing. much of the fun.

ms. will in motion

i touch: a kitten- ms. willa has been very lovey this week and has spent much of the time on my lap- i have not argued one bit with her decision.

i smell: more honeysuckle this week- cardamom seeds which smell simply amazing