"Sense-ational" Sundays


i see: paper and paint… i have been playing a lot this week. the words of hermann hesse- i have been sipping from his book wandering and it has been lovely. it is not a book to be read too quickly though it must be savored slowly


i hear: npr news, all things considered, fresh air and mid-day music. i soaked up npr this week and it was lovely.

i taste: margaritas and lovely mexican food-we went out for a mexican feast on thursday and it was fabulous. yum.  i also taste a lovely tomato sauce i made this week that was great on pizza and will be great and pasta- it turned out lovely- i am really getting into this cooking thing. much of the fun.

ms. will in motion

i touch: a kitten- ms. willa has been very lovey this week and has spent much of the time on my lap- i have not argued one bit with her decision.

i smell: more honeysuckle this week- cardamom seeds which smell simply amazing

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