tilt a whirl


“The voice said take off both your shoes, whatever chances you get, especially when their wet…” regina, regina spektor

I like to look at things from odd angles. I remember being mesmerized by the idea of this girl in a book I once read who laid in the back of her parents station wagon during long trips looking at the world up-side-down… when she drew the world came out this way as well.
Sometimes a different angle is all that is required to understand something better and then again sometimes it can throw everything into a whirl of frantic… but that can be useful too.
All this to say that things are shifting in my universe- as they always are I suppose- How is it shifting? Well, I am not really sure yet, but I feel it. Maybe it is the introduction of summer heat that wills one to shed everything that is not necessary…. Whatever it is, right now, it feels good.
Whatever it is- it feels good.

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