So inspiring and down right lovely….

some musings on my dream day

some musings on my dream day

Inspired, once again, into action by Shimelle’s class My Freedom I shall list some of the spaces online that I find inspiration….

  1. Shimelle– She inspires me ALL over the place- in person and online. She is just wow. She inspires me with her teaching, her life, her passion, her art, her photography… just wow. This woman exudes inspiration and makes sure to take you along with her.
  2. Jen Gray– Officially the first blog I ever read regularly. Jen is amazing and she has a wonderful name as well 🙂 She offers beautiful images and words that always help me in some way…. very often reaching deep into my heart and saying- “yes, it is alright- other people feel this way too- come on we can walk through it together, okay…”
  3. My Topography– Beautiful image filled writing that pulls at my heart and takes me into a magical world that I am surprised to discover is right in front of me. An amazing writer- I am hoping that she does write a book so that I can become lost in her amazing words for long, languorous stretches of time.
  4. Boho Girl– This woman amazes me with her strength,her honesty, beautiful photography, artistic vision and fierce love of life. Her words elevate me and challenge me to be more present in each breath and moment.
  5. Black Apple– Ms. Emily at Black Apple seems to inspire me in most everything that she does. Her artwork is inspiring to look at and live with. The ways she has become successful doing something that she so clearly loves. The fact that she shares her imaginings with the world. So lovely and wonderful to be around. She is a person you want to have over for tea and cake. Lovely.

I could go on and on, but for now I shall stop here. I think that this is a topic that I will end up revisiting…….

Travel Essentials

Paris in Spring

So on to the travel portion of class with Shimelle– and thinking about what I have in my suitcase when I travel. Jon, my husband would say too much… and well about half way into any trip I agree with him… but before that I must pack and when I pack here are some must have items…….
pencils and pen
possibly travel watercolors if I think I will have time to paint
reading- usually some novel and a book of poetry
something to knit
a camera
music- most recently an ipod
(have you noticed the lack of practical stuff?)
wonderful shoes… one pair of wonderfully comfy and another of wonderful looking(usually heals that i don’t wear)
black dress
black pants
shirts- usually of the jersey variety
something comfy to sleep in
some kind of sweater or hoodie or sweater hoodie

"Time flies whether you're having fun or not."

my dad in his natural habitat

I am taking Shimelle’s class, My Freedom and it started today and the first bit is meant to get us thinking about time and travel. Today I naturally thought of time.
Today is the tenth anniversary of my father’s death. It still seems surreal to me even as I write those words. Ten years… I mean how is that even possible? I am not quite sure. I was supposed to feel like an adult 10 years again when this happened and now I am 30 and in the thick of this adult thing and I still don’t quite feel it.
According to Shimelle we will be looking into our relationship with time this week in the class and for me that has always been a very tricky relationship.
I remember being young and feeling as if time poured by in a painfully slow way. It was never quite the time that I wanted it to be. I was always waiting for something else… for summer, for school to begin, for something or someone- always, it seemed, waiting.
It has not been that way for quite some time now. Time passes in a blur- I don’t know where it has gone or how I got here. I am savoring and I am enjoying- don’t get me wrong, but truly where did it go?
How has it been ten years since I picked up the phone with a “Beanstalk- how can I help you?” to hear my step mom tell me that she thought I should come home because he wasn’t doing well. To the drive where I pulled into the driveway as an ambulance prepared to leave- jumping into the car with my step mom and my father’s best friend so that we could follow the ambulance to the emergency room where I would see and talk to my father for the last time. Ten years. Impossible it seems. It is either so far away that it happened to another person in another lifetime- or it was a year ago… I am not sure, but ten- no, that doesn’t seem right… possible…..
Yeah, me and time an odd thing. So it seems that this exploration into time and my relationship with it is quite needed- already it has my brain reeling.

"Sense-sational Sunday"


I see: branches of oaks covered in green in canopies overhead, thunder clouds, dragon flies and a sleeping kitten.

I hear: i have been on an ani difranco kick this past week (okay, for several years now) so I hear ani raising some hell- which is always a good thing.

I taste: our garden- this week we have gotten yellow squash, soy beans, cucumbers, tomatoes and beans…. an explosion of yum.

I smell: our garden(do you sense a theme)- which continues to flourish- the tomato plants top this list of smells putting out the most wonderful aroma.

I touch: rain drops- what an odd change from living in London just a year ago when rain fell and fell- here in Georgia we wait for rain and it is so lovely when it falls- which it did 3 or 4 times this week. Wondermous indeed.

Inspiration and then some…

Design for Mankind Magazine

When Erin at Design for Mankind started talking about her magazine I knew that it would indeed be wonderful, but this has just blown me away. It is gorgeous, thoughtful and so inspiring. Thank you Erin for amazing me once again. If you haven’t yet basked in the loveliness of this magazine’s debut you can find it here for free download or you can purchase a hard copy to carry with your everywhere here for a mere 8.95.