"Sense-sational Sunday"


I see: branches of oaks covered in green in canopies overhead, thunder clouds, dragon flies and a sleeping kitten.

I hear: i have been on an ani difranco kick this past week (okay, for several years now) so I hear ani raising some hell- which is always a good thing.

I taste: our garden- this week we have gotten yellow squash, soy beans, cucumbers, tomatoes and beans…. an explosion of yum.

I smell: our garden(do you sense a theme)- which continues to flourish- the tomato plants top this list of smells putting out the most wonderful aroma.

I touch: rain drops- what an odd change from living in London just a year ago when rain fell and fell- here in Georgia we wait for rain and it is so lovely when it falls- which it did 3 or 4 times this week. Wondermous indeed.

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