not barefoot…

i have been feeling oh so very quiet here lately. i keep thinking of things that i might want to say, but somehow it doesn’t quite come to fruition. i have been rolling around in fall… trying to feel out where i am going and where i want to go- sometimes quite different things.

the leaves are starting to change color here in south georgia and it has even been feeling a bit like winter. still rambling and trying to put the truth down on paper- though as i get older the truth seems less clear… or maybe more clear, but not in need of being shouted from the rooftops. i am not sure which.

but it keeps going and for that i am grateful.

One thought on “not barefoot…

  1. It CAN NOT get LESS clear as one gets older. That is SO against the rules of LIFE that i feel the NEED to capitalise all these words.
    Rooftops or no, anything can only ever *really* get better and cooler and more clear. This is my theory. It comes with little supporting evidence, granted, but it is my theory so it is RIGHT.
    Winter (not fall – silly word that it is :P), feeling around and gratitude are all cool. Cool post. Always good to read nice stuff at 1am.
    Much of the happy, xx

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