Jumping In

I love this picture- I took it last week when I was sitting at the park… at first there were several turtles sitting on the rocks, but slowly they all started to jump back into the rushing water below them. I have felt like those turtles this past week- I was sitting and sunning myself and looking at the rushing water below- wondering can I handle it? Can I handle this rush- or should I just sit here and wait a little while longer? And I have decided that it is time- much like the turtle above to jump on in.

I am looking forward to this fall and September. I turn 32 next month and I am looking forward to that age and what it might bring. I have gotten more comfortable in my skin lately, but more than that I am starting to realize that I can push myself a bit more then I have been. I am capable of more- I am not fragile- I can do whatever  I set my mind to… now I must simply set my to it.

I will start that this September in many ways, but one will be to participate in Shimelle’s Learn Something New Everyday. This will be a good month for me to stop and document what I learn through this process of pushing myself a bit more… and to remember that everyday I learn something and everyday I make progress- even when it feels like I am inching ever so slowly on land- even when it feels like I am being tossed about in a wild rush of current.