Play Like This….

I learned my largest lesson of the week today and that is that I need to play like this (i.e. with paints and brushes and words) everyday. Why do I forget this? Why do I think that I don’t have time for this? This is something I must do. I wrote earlier this week about feeling out of sorts- this puts it into perspective… is it amazing, no- are people rushing to hang it on their walls, no- is that why I do it, no…. PLAY- all the rest is nonsense. Truly.

Learning in progress…

This week I feel like I am still processing what I learned. I have had so many ups and downs- it was in many ways for me a very hard week and I am still not quite sure why…

So I am ruminating over what I learned this week and frankly it is not all that clear yet. I learned, for one, that I need to take things less seriously. It is very easy for me to wrap myself up in distress over things that are not worth it. I learned that I need to learn to take my own advice- I am much more calm and reasonable when dealing with other people’s issues, but sometimes I let mine seem impossible. I also learned that time outside and time exercising is invaluable and I can’t try to pretend that I don’t have time for it- when in fact- I don’t have time not to do it.

So today we went out for a long walk and we played and we looked at flowers and insects and snakes and such- and I cherished cool breezes and the sweat rolling down my neck… and now this week- I relax. All will amazingly get done- or it won’t and either way it will be ok.

This Week I Learned Many Things…

I am participating in Shimelle’s Learn Something New Everyday Class again this year and it has been lovely… Here are some highlights from the week….

September 1st- Sometimes, especially when grades are due I think that I assign too much writing.

September 2nd- If I keep moving-it keeps getting easier…

September 3rd- The things I dread doing are often quite enjoyable… (I dreaded parent- teacher conferences this week- because it is so tiring, but I do like hearing from parents and talking to students one on one…so it turned out to be quite good)

September 4th- It is all a matter of perspective, truly.

September 5th- Flowers, chocolate, and books never cease to make me smile.

All in all a wonderful first week of September. It was a very busy week at school, but I made it through… Yesterday Jon and I went to Tallahassee for the day and had much of the fun. I got a lovely, new, super short hair cut, some birthday books from Jon, and some lovely treats from their small, but lovely downtown market. Then once we got home we had dinner with friends who presented me with lovely birthday treats of flowers, chocolate, and an amazing vegan, hot fudge sauce cake (OH MY GOODNESS- IT WAS WONDERFUL).

So loveliness- I can’t wait to see what next week’s learning will bring.