Learn Something New Everyday in Review

I had so much fun this September Learning Something New Everyday with Shimelle. It really makes me look forward to working on a Christmas Journal with her again. Every time I take a class with Shimelle I do indeed learn something new- even when it is not the title of the course. So I finally finished putting my little album together with pictures and all and I am quite happy to share the results….

When I was five and in kindergarten I refused to finger paint- I asked the teacher if she had any q-tips… Freak much? Yes, I know- That was me at five… I have been working on correcting that problem…

I used to despise the color pink. I even wrote epic teenage poems to declare my hate of the color, but all that has changed… and quite happily so. It makes me quite giddy now… especially when I can find it existing in the wild…. or on my toes…. now, that is lovely.

I turned 32 while I was completing this journal. On this particular day I wrote- “Being 32 does not mean that I have anything figured out. I am merely more aware of all that I have yet to understand… which is so true really. I haven’t had it all figured out since I was 17- and that is ok- in fact it is good.

This is what I learned from the whole of this project… this and so much more really… but I learned that I need to stop and take time to enjoy my surroundings. There really is no excuse for doing anything other than this.

So this September I learned a lot and I was reminded that I need to pay attention everyday- for the beauty and the wonder and the new is there… but you have to seek it out- you have to acknowledge it and I can not dare afford to let it slip by unnoticed. Thank you Shimelle, as always I have learned something new from you. I look forward to doing that for years to some.

stepping stones

i step up to the morning

as if i were stepping up to the plate, but

i have never been good at sports

been good at some things, but i don’t

quite remember them now

so i step up to the morning- i will begin either way

i will remember i will

and still i will go barefoot

and i will make a space and a time

to howl

at the moon-

for what else is life good for if not for