Part of the Process…

So I have moved my sandslippers and I am trying to figure out- in so many ways  in my life- what to do next. I feel a bit like this gorgeous willow tree that lives outside of my house. It is not growing at the moment… but it is quite full of life. It is simply resting for a bit.

In my view of nature that tree is taking inventory. Looking at the parts of itself that it likes. The parts that are firmly rooted in the ground and can me supported and nourished properly. It is also looking at what it must let go- so that it can thrive.

I feel quite a lot like this tree. I am quite alive, but at rest. I feel so very fortunate to have family and friends who comfort and support me during this process. And while it is winter and we huddle against the storms that pound at us- it is true that spring and growth will come again. It is all part of the process.

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