I crawl under the covers during winters and storms- nature made or not- and I hide- and roll around in pity.  And this must – if I ever hope to get anywhere that I like-stop.

I have this week of space and time. Glorious, but also I want to parse out a small bud of a pattern that I can accomplish (maybe see or cherish is a better word) in the midst of everyday life.

So this is the charge for this week. Rediscover beauty– and make a place for it in the the chaos of the everyday.



“I do not accept drinks from gentlemen who disapprove of me” -Holly Golightly (Truman Copote)
A good rule over all… No? Willa to me looks like she would agree with this statement. She would never accept anything from anyone who disapproved of her, but then again who could possibly disapprove of her?
Certainly not I.