One paragraph


Inspired by Christina Rosalie’s One Paragraph a Day I thought…. why not….

My first thought was to start a whole new blog- You know so much has changed since I even visited this space, but then why give into that urge? It is the same urge that has me wasting pages of a blank journal simply so that I can start on a clean space, but there are no truly clean slates and why would I want to wipe it all away? What good would that do?

I am here. And I am here because I was there.

So enough with the clean slates and the starting fresh and the drama of all that goes along with that. Today I am writing one paragraph and that is more than enough.

Summer here is drawing to a close. It will feel warm for some time to come- it usually does, but almost as a warning there was a chill in the air today. Not cold- just enough to say hello. It is a Friday and my last free Friday of the summer. Next week I will go back to school and then the following week I will have a room full of students. A room with walls and a door this year!

The summer was slow and lazy and though fall often signals preparation for the hibernation of winter I am ready to get moving- both physically and mentally.

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