Artist Statement

The Dance
Why Make Art?

I make art… so that I can see my dreams come to life. So that I can touch them, look at them, interact with them and share them. They clamor about in my head and they want to exist in the world and so I help them to do so.
I make art because “we must be the change we want to see in the world.” I make art as meditation, to un-jumble my head, because I have to.
It is an urge to bring into existence what does not exist. An urge to share my reality with those around me. It is a conversation. Trying to understand the commonalties. We are closer to one another than we think.


Life inspires me. A tiny bird creating a space to exist in the world. People navigating their lives. The sigh of the ocean pressing up against the shore. The moon glowing warm and round on a southern, summer night. A cold, crisp autumn air. The look of warmth and trust in a puppy’s eyes. The way a cat moves when it remembers only the fact that birds taste good.


Sometimes I end up with a painting in watercolor or acrylic. Other times a collage with words, paper and magazine clippings. Fabric and yarn sometimes best fit my vision. I try to keep all sorts of material s at my side for I don’t know what will best help one of my clamoring dreams come into existence. Mixed media… It is not about the medium. It is about what is needed in any given instance to bring to life the creature wandering around in my head.