stepping stones

i step up to the morning

as if i were stepping up to the plate, but

i have never been good at sports

been good at some things, but i don’t

quite remember them now

so i step up to the morning- i will begin either way

i will remember i will

and still i will go barefoot

and i will make a space and a time

to howl

at the moon-

for what else is life good for if not for


Inspiration and then some…

Design for Mankind Magazine

When Erin at Design for Mankind started talking about her magazine I knew that it would indeed be wonderful, but this has just blown me away. It is gorgeous, thoughtful and so inspiring. Thank you Erin for amazing me once again. If you haven’t yet basked in the loveliness of this magazine’s debut you can find it here for free download or you can purchase a hard copy to carry with your everywhere here for a mere 8.95.



I used to say, “You go howl at the moon- I have not the time.” But lately I have some time on my hands… so I howl- behind my multi-colored picket fence… cause I want to.


A Study of Doors in My Life

One of the prompts for the “There’s No Place Like Home” Class deals with doors in our lives. It gives you an opportunity to think about all of the doors in your life. This could be friends and family or daily routine doors… the possibilities are endless… but I choose none of these because I happen to have moved recently to a piece of property that has about 14 doors on it… and I thought, “When is something like that ever going to happen again?” So, I decided to document the doors of this place that have just come into our lives…..

Book Cover

under our flat

front door

move in

I had a lot of fun with this album. It got me thinking and I like how it turned out. You will notice that I went a bit crazy (though totally not in a bad way) with some new stamps that I have. They happened to be designed by Shimelle Laine, our lovely instructor for this class. They are called Greenwhich Park and available at
Banana Frog
– and they are WONDERFUL! If you want to see the rest of the album you can find it over at my Flickr account.
I am in love with this album- I think I have to go stare at it some more. Have a lovely Sunday evening.


More playing. I am really having fun with the paper sewing technique that I learned from Shimelle. This is the first time that I have done anything like this. This creation (i can’t really call it a painting) is completely mixed media. It incorporates- sewing, painting, collage, stamping, ink drawing and some words thrown in for fun. This piece was complete play. I had so much fun making it.
The text reads- You must leap to know how far you will fly.

P.S.  Shimelle, do you recognize any of these supplies… 🙂

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