Not so frightful…

It has been cool this year for Georgia… today it is even 29 degrees- which let me tell you- feels quite chilly, but I know that it is not really…. and snow- not likely. But I like it just the same. The sky is blue this morning and leaves that have been slow to turn are starting to do their thing.

Journaling My Christmas

This year I intend to keep it simple… and use this journal as a way to jump start my writing, but no matter the details- This year I intend to journal my Christmas– to document each day, to celebrate, to remember, to be grateful. So simple, it will be, right here in my journal (and right here on my blog). It will be filled with lists and rants and doodles… and everything else. So there.

Today is December the 1st and it is the first day of the last month of 2008 and I say WOOT to that- because I am ready to move forward and this feels like the perfect opportunity to do just that. I currently feel a bit blah, but I just have to move through that. I am learning, I am growing- and I am continuing to walk forward. This year has been an exercise in patience- a pretty constant reminder that the only pace that I can dictate is my own. So one step at a time- no matter how slow it seems. I must keep moving forward. I can’t wallow in it or wait for things to move or happened on their own. I am realizing that it is not important to know exactly where I am going- only HOW I am going.

So here it goes… another step. If you feel like joining me and many others in this wonderful documenting experieice take a look at Shimelle’s site and join us in Journaling Your Christmas.