Happy Birthday Creature Comforts

birthday giveaway

Ms. Ez at Creature Comforts is celebrating her blog’s 1st Birthday on June 28th. She is, quite happily I might add, celebrating with a giveaway filled with lovely treats from all over blogland. In order to be entered to win all one must do is leave a favorite quite in the comments here before June 28th when she will select a winner.


I'm a weener!

Can you see me jumping up and down- well I am , I promise.

Lime Set- Luxe Give-a-Way

I entered Luxe’s Simply Luxe Scavenger Hunt and I won the Lime set. How perfect and wonderful is that? I am quite pleased. Thank you Luxe! I just started playing with their stuff recently and it has been much of the fun. I can’t wait to see their new stuff. Woot!

A Study of Doors in My Life

One of the prompts for the “There’s No Place Like Home” Class deals with doors in our lives. It gives you an opportunity to think about all of the doors in your life. This could be friends and family or daily routine doors… the possibilities are endless… but I choose none of these because I happen to have moved recently to a piece of property that has about 14 doors on it… and I thought, “When is something like that ever going to happen again?” So, I decided to document the doors of this place that have just come into our lives…..

Book Cover

under our flat

front door

move in

I had a lot of fun with this album. It got me thinking and I like how it turned out. You will notice that I went a bit crazy (though totally not in a bad way) with some new stamps that I have. They happened to be designed by Shimelle Laine, our lovely instructor for this class. They are called Greenwhich Park and available at
Banana Frog
– and they are WONDERFUL! If you want to see the rest of the album you can find it over at my Flickr account.
I am in love with this album- I think I have to go stare at it some more. Have a lovely Sunday evening.

Home is…

home is…

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Already having fun with Shimelle’s class. This prompt gave me a chance to look at what home means to me… which is something that I am quite fond of exploring. I decided that for me home is where the people I love are {wow… that is a lot of places}. The photo I used for this page is a picture of Jon and I as we are leaving one hometown, Boone, NC for another in North Myrtle Beach, SC. Pretty much from that point on we have taken the idea of home with us. We have done a lot of wandering and a lot of settling and nesting but we keep coming back to the idea that home is something we take with and not really a place that we are.

"There's No Place Like Home"


I am so very, very excited.  Tomorrow Shimelle’s class “There’s No Place Like Home Class” starts and I can barely wait. I have been taking classes by Shimelle for quite some time and yet they always amaze me and I am always filled with giddy excitement just before they begin. Inspiring, fun, playful, full of possibilities,growth inspiring- just, wow.

There is still time to sign up– if you have not already- it is sure to be much of the fun.

… and for today –

may your peeps be plentiful and may a warm spring sun wash over you. enjoy.

a mostly lovely day


Tonight I needed methodical craftiness to get me going- so I decided to start to work on binding a few mini books which I am hoping to put in my Etsy Shop in the next day or so. I love this kind of creating – I get to play and work with color and it is a calming and orderly process. They are currently resting under much weight to prepare for tomorrow.

Today was an interesting day filled with powerful thunderstorms in short spurts, a visit to a local hot dog stand and a semi frustrating trip to the dmv (or shall I say dds in georgia) where I learned that even though I have been married for almost seven years I need to bring my marriage license with me because , oddly enough my name now differs from my birth certificate- not my passport, my social security card or my current driver’s license, but my birth certificate- oh well- I shall try again another day.

As for the rest of the evening – I play with a collage, watch some tv or maybe a movie and then perhaps have some tea- exciting, eah?- well I am pretty happy with it. Have a lovely evening.

Remembering to Play

Today was a day of play for me- which was so good. My wonderful friend, Shimelle gave me a sewing machine- so today I set to work on figuring out what the heck to do with it. I thought of some things….
I made an apron for Jon, the chef of the family, from my Simple Sewing with a French Twist. I also made the page you see above using bits of scrapbooking material that I collected from the wonderful people that I met at Scrapbowl using what I learned in Shimelle’s Paper Patchwork class. Twas much of the fun.
I played today- and I created the page above to remind me- that, for me, creativity begins with play and that even if I have no idea what I am going for… if I just play- I will most likely have fun and like what I end up making.
So here’s to a day of play. Woohoo!

Crafty Goodness in Washington D.C.

the tracks


in dc

So- um- wow. The last week was a whirlwind of activity for me and so much fun. I had the pleasure of attending Scrapbowl as Shimelle’s assistant last week and it was so much fun. First and foremost I got to hang out with Shimelle- who I have been desperately missing since we moved back to the States from London. On top of that wonderfulness I got to meet some amazing new people (The Get Croppin Girls- Marirosa and Ashlie, Tia, Emily, Kristina, Donna, Margie, Stacy and all of the wonderful women participating in and helping with the classes) and be surrounded by crafty goodness. I love crafty goodness! It was, in short, much of the fun.
So much to process from last week. Thanks to everyone who was involved- it was an experience that will not be forgotten.
Since I did not have enough forethought to bring a camera the lovely pictures above are some that Shimelle took- Thanks for letting me use them:)

and so it goes…

Most of the day involved me and some blahs… looks like I should take my own advice and make some tea. This morning, however, was not blah… I played with paint- one of my favorite things.
I started these pieces yesterday and continued working on them today. It was much of the fun.
First, I would like to introduce you to Little Blue Guy. He is a creature I have been playing with for some time and he has a fondness for birds- as some of you may already know.

blue guy

Then I would like you to meet Thing Number 1- for Thing a Day. She is not so- and believes that she requires no explanation.

Not So

And last, but not least- Come to me. She is inspired by one of my White Horse Poems.

Come to me…

I hope that you had a loverly day- with no blahs- and if there were blahs join me for a cup of tea.