Working in the dark…

Sometimes I forgetSo I continue with my Everyday Matters Challenges. For one reasons or another I have decided to start from the top… they seem to fit me better at the moment and I can’t think of any reason not to go with it. So, this is challenge number 2- draw your lamp.
Drawing, painting and playing with paper… definitely a good cure for a day that was pretty difficult. Now I am feeling better… more together and once again calm and peaceful. Like a deep, calming breath- I feel all better now.

What do you do to calm when the day ties you up in knots?

Everyday Matters Challenge Number 1

Shoe and bag study
I have loved the idea of Everyday Matters Challenges for quite sometime. I have lurked around on the group even, but I have never completed one of the challenges for myself. So here is my first attempt. The challenge was to draw your shoe, but my shoe happened to be sitting by my bag and well – it turned in to a type of still life and drawing study. I had fun looking at the shapes of the shoe in different ways.

So here is to hoping that this won’t be both my first and my last drawing challenge… we shall see.