So inspiring and down right lovely….

some musings on my dream day

some musings on my dream day

Inspired, once again, into action by Shimelle’s class My Freedom I shall list some of the spaces online that I find inspiration….

  1. Shimelle– She inspires me ALL over the place- in person and online. She is just wow. She inspires me with her teaching, her life, her passion, her art, her photography… just wow. This woman exudes inspiration and makes sure to take you along with her.
  2. Jen Gray– Officially the first blog I ever read regularly. Jen is amazing and she has a wonderful name as well 🙂 She offers beautiful images and words that always help me in some way…. very often reaching deep into my heart and saying- “yes, it is alright- other people feel this way too- come on we can walk through it together, okay…”
  3. My Topography– Beautiful image filled writing that pulls at my heart and takes me into a magical world that I am surprised to discover is right in front of me. An amazing writer- I am hoping that she does write a book so that I can become lost in her amazing words for long, languorous stretches of time.
  4. Boho Girl– This woman amazes me with her strength,her honesty, beautiful photography, artistic vision and fierce love of life. Her words elevate me and challenge me to be more present in each breath and moment.
  5. Black Apple– Ms. Emily at Black Apple seems to inspire me in most everything that she does. Her artwork is inspiring to look at and live with. The ways she has become successful doing something that she so clearly loves. The fact that she shares her imaginings with the world. So lovely and wonderful to be around. She is a person you want to have over for tea and cake. Lovely.

I could go on and on, but for now I shall stop here. I think that this is a topic that I will end up revisiting…….