"Sense-sational Sunday"


I see: branches of oaks covered in green in canopies overhead, thunder clouds, dragon flies and a sleeping kitten.

I hear: i have been on an ani difranco kick this past week (okay, for several years now) so I hear ani raising some hell- which is always a good thing.

I taste: our garden- this week we have gotten yellow squash, soy beans, cucumbers, tomatoes and beans…. an explosion of yum.

I smell: our garden(do you sense a theme)- which continues to flourish- the tomato plants top this list of smells putting out the most wonderful aroma.

I touch: rain drops- what an odd change from living in London just a year ago when rain fell and fell- here in Georgia we wait for rain and it is so lovely when it falls- which it did 3 or 4 times this week. Wondermous indeed.

Sense-sational Sunday

Seeing: Words from the book Reading Lolita in Tehran– not, in many ways, what I expected, but what a lovely book. Certainly there is much in the way of political commentary, but to me the book was more than that. Nafisi finds a way to invite you into one of her literature classes allowing you to become intimate with both the characters in the books they are reading and the characters in the class room. It offers wonderful and new to me perspective on the readings and offers some thought provoking answers to the question “Why is literature important?” To me, the book was much more personal than political- and acted in a sense as proof to the answer of literature’s importance- to allow one to see and understand the world from a different perspective. A wonderful book.

Reading Lolita in Tehran

Hearing- Willa picking at the screen door- telling me she would like to come inside, our armadillo neighbor rustling in the leaves

Tasting- lots and lots of fresh vegetables and fruit… While our garden is not quite spilling over with food we have been taking advantage of local farmers who started their planting much earlier than us… because of this we have been feasting on corn, squash, tomatoes, peaches, melons, strawberries, blueberries and some beans and spinach from our own little garden. Yum is all I can say- so much of the yum.

Smelling- did I mention all the fruits and vegetables… yes I did… Mostly I have been smelling those and all of the wonderful goodness that has been coming out of our kitchen because of all of the amazing fresh food. More yum.

25 may page 1 page 2

Touching: Took some time this week to play with paper and put together my pages for the 25th of May for Shimelle’s Scrap Your Day. I continue to be really excited about this project. I look forward to having a year’s worth of 25th’s to look back on. I think it will be wonderful.

Sense-sational Sunday

Oh Sense-sational Sundays- did you think that I forgot you… not so, not so- well, maybe just a little bit- but not this week.

I see: flowers on the peas and beans that we have planted, little bits of red poking up from the ground as our radishes begin to ripen, the words from the book Reading Lolita in Tehran– it is wow- amazing.

I taste: blueberries- We went to Alma, Georgia’s blueberry festival yesterday and wow- blueberries are wonderful. I also enjoyed a lovely cheeseburger from the Nichol’s Diner along the way was also wonderful.

I touch: cotton yarn- I worked on knitting a dish cloth on the way to Alma yesterday- I love the feel of simple cotton yarn. It is just a wonderful thing.

I hear: Regina, Regina- Spektor that is- oh and some Ani Difranco- yummy, wonderful, sing it at the top of your lungs music. Always good for the soul. Always.

I smell: tomato plants- they smell so wonderful. When I was little I picked a green tomato- much to my mother’s frustration- I told her that it smelled ready- now I know why I must have thought that- tomato plants always smell ready. Wonderful- Truly.

I feel: good, nostalgic, in flux- yes still, impatient- and many other things whirling around at the moment that I just can’t put my finger on.

And so it goes…..

"Sense-sational Sunday"


I see: the ocean, herbs growing, my mom.


I hear: waves crashing, Jon and I discussing the future

I smell: salt water, roses, freshly broken trees bowled over in a tornado in Darien , GA


I taste: seafood- lots of seafood, peach pie-made by Jon and I, blueberry pie- made by Mom.

I touch- sand, a soft kitten upon returning home.


This week I have felt many number of things…. restless, calm, ready, excited, awe- there seems to be a lot going on in my brain these days- I suppose because I have a lot of time to pay attention to what I am thinking and feeling at any given moment.

It was a wonderful week. We went to visit my Mom and Step-Dad and had a wonderful time. We decided to take our time on the drive back and meandered down the coast- stopping at Savannah, Darien and Jeckyll Island. Twas a wonderful little vacation.

I hope that your week was wonderful as well.

Sense-ational Sunday

chess tires willa

i see: Willa sleeping. bunnies hopping. plants growing.


i taste: boston baked beans and steamed brown bread

i touch: weeds that i have pulled out of our garden

i hear: karma police, idiotech and 15 steps have been running like a sound track through my head all week.

i smell: meyer lemon blossoms… yummy.


i feel: (stealing from ani 🙂 useful, crafty, restless, in progress…

"Sense-ational" Sundays


i see: paper and paint… i have been playing a lot this week. the words of hermann hesse- i have been sipping from his book wandering and it has been lovely. it is not a book to be read too quickly though it must be savored slowly


i hear: npr news, all things considered, fresh air and mid-day music. i soaked up npr this week and it was lovely.

i taste: margaritas and lovely mexican food-we went out for a mexican feast on thursday and it was fabulous. yum.  i also taste a lovely tomato sauce i made this week that was great on pizza and will be great and pasta- it turned out lovely- i am really getting into this cooking thing. much of the fun.

ms. will in motion

i touch: a kitten- ms. willa has been very lovey this week and has spent much of the time on my lap- i have not argued one bit with her decision.

i smell: more honeysuckle this week- cardamom seeds which smell simply amazing

"Sense"-ational Sunday

Every Sunday Emily records her senses from the week and now so do I.

I see: Stuff growing which makes all the gardening work seem worth it. Blue skies, wonderful goodies from Luxe in my mail box. Lots of stuff through the lens of my camera thanks to Shimelle’s Scrap Your Day Project.

lime set

I touch: dirt, dirt and more dirt. This gardening thing is a crazy amount of work… I suppose I was kinda hoping we just threw out some seeds and hoped for the best, but this is not the case.

till till away

I taste: bratwurst on the grill… yum. PG Tips Tea. Marzipan… it has been a very tasty week.

mmm tea

I smell: mint from the garden and lemon balm- both smell divine.

I hear: Phish… I have been listening to them a lot this week- mixed in with some Radiohead In Rainbows…. I am in love with that album….

in rainbows