Mrs. Davey Crocket… Queen of the Wild Frontier

Dancing The fourth grade must be a magical time where these things are concerned. I remember being in a play about Davey Crockett. Somehow I was the only girl in the cast. I had to waltz with Davey C. which at the time horrified me and Mr. Crockett as well I think. It was all fine when he could hold my t-shirt a foot away from my waist, but when I had to wear the dress we actually had to touch… ugh…. that involved boy cooties, apparently. Clearly not as informative as Carrie Nation, but we were learning about something- I just can’t tell you what at the moment. My fourth grade year was not one of monumental teaching… I had supply teacher after supply teacher… Now my fifth grade year with Mrs. Scott- astounding, but that is an entirely different story.
But when I think of this I know that there are pieces of what I have become in that story… and yes oddly enough when I think about all the things that I have wanted to be many of them are incorporated into my daily life though sometimes in very odd ways…