A fresh start for fall….

Dreaming again of new beginnings and fresh starts. Fall seems like a good time to get a fresh perspective on things and clear the slate. So- a new look to things- and trying to revisit why I write here and what I want this place to be for me.

And so it goes. This September I turned 31- which is really quite wonderful. I thought that I might start feeling old or some such bullshit, but truly that is not the feeling of it at all. I have become, as I hoped I might, more and more comfortable in my own skin.

I am feeling out this life and rethinking my place in this world. That has made for some physical changes- like becoming vegan and adding more activity to my day and for some mental changes- rethinking how I spend my time and what my impact is in the world.

And then the striving for living more honestly- which is really where everything is coming from. This idea that I need to truly grasp what it is that is important to me and live by that. No excuses, no bullshit- stop putting on blinders and truly be honest with myself and those around me.

I continue to be a work in progress, but I am starting to feel more like a work of art and less like a construction site.